Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck / Body contouring

Abdominoplasty, or Tummy Tuck, is a procedure that flattens the abdomen by removing extra fat and skin, and tightening muscles in your abdominal wall. The incision is on the Bikini line. This procedure helps the patient who has given birth, especially in those who has given birth many children, to have a perfect body shape. The surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. It takes around 3-4 hours. After the surgery, the patient has to stay in the hospital 3 nights. The scar will be a long fine line on the pubic. It might be long from the left to the right side of the hips, depending on the fat and excess skin.

Who is should be done Tummy Tuck?

  • Patients who have saggy tummy skin after birth giving
  • Patients who have saggy tummy skin by fast lose weight
  • Patients who have saggy tummy skin after liposuction surgery

A full tummy tuck requires a horizontally-oriented incision in the area between the pubic hairline and belly button. The shape and length of the incision will be determined by the amount of excess skin.

Once the abdominal skin is lifted, the underlying weakened abdominal muscles are repaired.

A mini-abdominoplasty is similar to a standard abdominoplasty with a few differences. Like the latter, the mini-abdominoplasty uses a waist crease incision but often (but not always depending upon the amount of skin to be removed) the incision is not quite as long as with the standard procedure. A shorter incision does not mean you will heal faster or have a shorter recovery, the difference in incision length is not enough to make such a difference. Wounds heal side to side, not end to end, so a shorter incision heals in the same time as a longer incision.

Abdominoplasty with Liposuction

Abdominoplasty does together with Liposuction suit with the patient that have much excess fat. The surgeon will remove fat by liposuction together with a tummy tuck which is in the same incision (depends on doctor assessment)

Preparing for Abdominal Lipectomy :

  • Get a lab test or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medication
  • stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin , anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding

Post-operative care :

  • 2-3 days after the surgery, the patient must start wearing the full-length compression garment every day to tighten the muscle and reduce the swelling. After 1 month, the patient can wear it only in the night to support the muscle.
  • The stitches need to be removed 6 days after the surgery.
  • The patient can start exercise about 2 months after the surgery.
  • The swelling will be gone and the wound will be healed 3-4 months after the surgery.

Forewarning for post-operative care :

  • Avoid showering until at least 2-3 days after the surgery. Do the wound dressings followed the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Wear the compression garment all the time for the first month. After 1 month, the patient should continue wearing to support the muscle and prevent the wound tear.
  • The bruise might happen. It will be gone in 2-3 weeks. If there is pain, swelling or redness, please come to see the doctor immediately.

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