Breast revision surgery typically involves removing or replacing the original saline or silicone implants. Our patients who elect to have breast revision do so to change the size or type of their implants and/or to correct any complications resulting from a prior breast augmentation. The overall goal is to restore a youthful breast contour and appearance.

The breast revision may be performed for numerous reasons, both medical and cosmetic. Whatever the reasons, we take great care in evaluating patients’ needs to ensure that we provide cosmetic results that best suit each person’s expectations. Safe and satisfying outcomes are our primary goal, and we strive to ensure the best possible end results for every patient

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Main factors why have to be performed Breast Revision

A breast revision may be performed for medical or cosmetic revision. The following breast conditions are amenable to surgical correction:

  • Bottoming out This condition describes breast implants that have dropped considerably on the chest, making the breast implants look too low and the nipples look too high.
  • Capsular contracture It is normal for the body to form a capsule, which is basically a form of scar tissue, around a breast implant. Over time, however, this capsule can become thicker, harder and tighter, leading to a condition called “capsular contracture.” Removing the capsule and breast implant treats uncomfortable capsular contracture. New breast implants placed in a different position relative to the chest muscle ensure attractive results and lasting comfort.
  • Ruptured implants Eventually, breast implants will leak or rupture. Once this occurs, they can be removed and replaced with fresh breast implants.
  • Implant downsizing Some patients with breast implants may decide that they still want breast implants, but wish that they were smaller. Exchanging larger implants for smaller implants, however, often causes redundant breast skin and sagging breasts, also known as ptosis.

When should be performed breast revision ?

In general, after the breast surgery, patients should be spaced about 6 months to 1 year or more to allow the breast tissue restoring it fully. This will enable surgeons to assess the problem on the spot. (It is recommended to consult a specialist surgeon directly).


procedures of breast augmentation


Premium Breast Funnel

A totally a new technique that helps breast augmentation surgery, especially reducing swelling, small blisters, reducing infection rates. Can insert silicone quickly, easily, without problems, reduce friction on the skin during insertion

Premium breast funnel


A mixture of 2 types of substances, namely fibrinogen and thrombin. Which is extracted from the blood to mix together in a perfect proportion, will harden into jelly, use to close the wound that bleed to stop flowing effectively Imported from Austria And has been certified safe from the USA. Fibrin has properties like natural glue. Use surgical incision Can help the blood to stop flowing faster and more efficiently than usual As an aid to heal wounds for surgery, make the wound heal faster.

fibrin glue


Full HD endoscopy, allows for elaborate surgery and natural breasts Another unique characteristic is that it can feel the touch that is soft like a real chest.

advantages for breast augmentation with full HD endoscope camera

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