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BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION is a procedure for those who want to enhance their hips to look slimmer and curvier. These days people focus on the aesthetics of the buttocks and many people want the shape and size of their own buttocks to be better. To have voluptuous backside means to gain self-confidence and to add an attractive feature to their body. Buttock augmentation can give a person younger, sexier and more proportional look. Currently, there is a surgery which use special techniques to create a perfectly plump, round buttocks that looks and feels natural by using silicone. Buttocks augmentation is considered an alternative to shape surgery that is getting more and more popular in order to give a perfect proportion of a sexier curvier beautiful butt look.


  • For person whose buttocks are too small for your body frame and you want a more balanced look.
  • For a person with the shape of your buttocks is too flat or square and would like to get more curves and a more youthful appearance.
  • For a person with weight loss or the aging process has left your buttocks loose, sagging, or flat.
  • For a person who would like to gain self-esteem or self-confidence.

A soft, shaped silicone implant is placed through an incision hidden inside the natural buttock crease, or an alternate incision site may be used. The implant is positioned in a pocket below the large buttock (gluteal) muscle and above the pelvic bone. Your plastic surgeon will provide further details about these incision locations during the consultation.

Buttocks Augmentation Procedure

The plastic surgeon will make 4-5 cm. incisions which are closed with sutures, drains are inserted, and a compression garment is worn then insert with buttocks silicone (tear drop or round shape) between the outer and middle muscles. This is a new technique which helps reduce the movement of silicone.

The incision for this surgical line is the most popular because it can neatly hide the scar and barely see by others. This surgical procedure can be done on both sides.

Buttocks Augmentation will upsize your buttock, give you sexier behind looks and promote self-confidence.

At the Masterpiece Hospital, we use premium brand silicones for the buttocks or waist augmentation. The silicones used for the procedure have flatter wider shape than breast implant silicones. The silicones used for the procedure are high density grade (High Cohesive gel) which are less stiff and flexible than breast implant silicones. These make buttock silicones more resilient to pressure for the area of movement and pressure than the breast area.


Shape of Silicone

  • Round Shape Silicone has round and flat appearance. It is suitable for inner hips or buttocks.
  • Tear Drop Shape Silicone has oval shape. It is suitable for those who want to enhance the side of the hips. It will give natural look after the surgery.

Fat Transfer with Buttocks/Hip Augmentation
For people who want to strengthen the hip / buttocks on the side with the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may consider silicone supplementation together with fat injection. (depending on the doctor’s assessment)


For people who want to strengthen the hip / buttocks on the side with the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may consider silicone supplementation together with fat injection. (depending on the doctor’s assessment)

Liposuction procedure together with the augmentation will give a perfect result

For patients who have accumulating fat on their back, abdomen above the hips, waist or under the buttocks after Buttocks or Hip Augmentation and still do not have a beautiful result, therefore, it is necessary to undergo liposuction in the area which liposuction is required to improve the shape of the hips. Because having a beautiful waist and legs will result in slender sexier buttocks curves and hips appearance.



  • Inform your doctor of your health condition, medical history or medical allergy or food allergy.
  • In case of risk for immune deficiency and health condition affecting the wound healing and infection, inform your doctor of your medical allergy in order to avoid the risk.
  • Consult the doctor before surgery if taking blood thinner or any medicines affecting blood coagulation.
  • Stop taking vitamin and supplement e.g. Vitamin E, fish oil, grapeseed oil, ginkgo extract, ginseng extract, at least 1 month before surgery.
  • No drinking, no eating any foods 8 (eight) hours before the surgery.
  • Washing your hair before the day of surgery is recommended. No contact lens, makeup, polish, or accessories on the day of surgery.
  • No smoking at least 4 weeks before and after surgery as the chemicals in the cigarette affect the oxygen level in blood, resulting in slow healing or infection.
  • Patients must do a blood test at the hospital at least 5-7 days before surgery. (In case of inconvenient, blood test can be at any hospital and have the hospital send your blood test results to Masterpiece Hospital).
  • In the case the patients are 45 years old or more, health examination and medical certificate are required before any surgery (At the doctor’s discretion).
  • Prepare your mind and do not be panic. There will be some swelling and bruising around the wounds and your face will be changed. Wound healing and getting used to new appearance take time. Wearing sunglasses after surgery is recommended.

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