Nose Reconstruction technique


The incisions for a “Nose Reconstruction technique” are made across the vertical strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. Work is done on the cartilage and bone that form the framework of your nose. Sometimes, the position of certain bones may need to be altered slightly in order to make your nose look narrower and straighter. If your nose needs to be built up in some areas, this can be done using nasal cartilage, or perhaps bone or cartilage from another site. Your surgeon will consider correcting your nasal shape based on your natural nasal structure.


Suitable for: People with wide nostrils (nose wings), or a short nasal tip and who would like to improve their nasal appearance to achieve an ideal nose with a higher nasal bridge, or for people who desire a teardrop nose with natural looks.



  • Appropriate for a seriously misshapen nose. This approach has precision in terms of technique and control over the ultimate outcome.
  • More complete exposure, especially of the tip, since this technique is using cartilage from other sites to build up some parts, such as having nasal cartilage added for extending the nasal tip, which minimize the risk of silicone coming out from the nose incision.
Alarplasty or silicone implant can not chang the nose shape
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operation infomation for nose reconstruction

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