Double Eyelid Surgery


Even though small incision double eyes technique is to slit eyelids, but the result will turn out in natural look. The advantage of this procedure is line of eyelids being thin, it’s suitable with people who do not have thick eyelids skin.

The small incision double eyes procedure is the advantage combination of slitting which is the only way to do double eyelids operations by slitting in small incision on upper eyelids areas and removing fat or excess muscle out. After that surgeons will sew the incision, because there is opening incision length 1 centimeter by the small incision blepharoplasty technique. Though there is fat, it can remove it out, sewing new double eyelids, and creating double eyelids lines perfectly. Moreover, the problem will be solved and evaluated individually by an expert surgeon for the best and most perfect results.


This is also called traditional double eyelid surgery. This surgery is conducted by making an incision from the medial canthus to lateral canthus at the upper eyelid to first resect the excess lax or sagged skin and then remove orbital fats before fixating new double eyelid folds. Its effects are improving eyelids ptosis; solving correcting skin laxity and, fat bulging, making profound and loss of double eyelids folds; and also enjoying a longer duration of result than mini-invasive (Korean-style) double eyelids surgery, the effects of which generally lasts for at least 10 years. Regarding the disadvantages, because the relatively long surgical incision poses greater trauma to tissues and partial eyelids skins and muscles should be excised before the restitching, the postoperative recovery time is relatively longer than that of mini-invasive double eyelid surgery. Besides, because stitching procedures are subtle and complex, the accuracy of stitching and measurement by the physician decides the surgical results, so patients are more vulnerable to have complication such alikes asymmetrical eyelids or scar adhesion. Generally, it will take 3-6 months of observation on average to finally confirm the shape and symmetry of the double eyelids folds.

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