Epicanthoplasty, known medically as medial or lateral Epicanthoplasty, is a type of eye surgery that aims to lengthen the inner parts of the eye to make the eye bigger. Also called the “inner corner fold removal” or “Mongolian fold correction”, this is a cosmetic procedure mostly performed in Asian people.

One of the most prominent Asian features is the Mongolian fold (medically known as the epicanthal fold) found in the corners of the eyes. The epicanthal fold forms a web across the eye and covers the medial canthus. Simply put, this fold can impair the beauty of the eyelids and makes the eyes look smaller laterally and more tired-looking.

Epicanthoplasty is sought by women and men who would like to adopt a more “Westernized look” or to make the eyes not only “appear bigger, brighter, and more alert” but actually bigger physiologically. It is also often requested by patients whose epicanthal folds are abnormally large that they negatively impact the appearance and shape of the eyes. This cosmetic procedure may leave post-surgical scar lines due to incisions but can be avoided by using more advanced techniques such as Z-plasty.

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review epicanthoplasty
the procedures of doing epicanthoplasty


Epicanthoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can be taken advantage by anyone who wishes to literally open their eyes wider than is physiologically possible. The majority of Epicanthoplasty patients are of Asian descent, but it can be performed on anyone whose appearance can improve with larger eyes.

Specifically, Epicanthoplasty is an ideal procedure for patients, whether male or female,

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  • Have well-developed epicanthal folds that compromise the normal appearance and shape of the eye *Have eyes that are abnormally far from each other in terms of distance, leading to a disproportionate appearance
  • Wish to improve their overall look without sacrificing descent or ethnicity
  • Have undergone or wishes to undergo double eyelid surgery to enhance their look further

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