Nipple reduction surgery involves decreasing the size of protruding or disproportionately large nipples and trimming excess tissue to create an aesthetically balanced breast.

Huge nipples would come along with people who has large areolas, this could occur in women who just gave birth.

For the patient who have these problems are recommended to do both areola and nipple reduction. In the early period after the surgery, there will be a small pleat around the created areola. Three months after the surgery the small pleat will eventually fade away and the surface of the areola will become smooth again. The patient should consider this surgery when they decided not to have more babies because if they have another baby the areola will enlarge again.

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Style1: In case of too extended nipples

Surgeons will carefully remove the bottom part of the nipple skin down to the nipple base and suture it back. This will make the nipple smaller and asymmetrical to the breast.

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Style2: In case of too extended nipples

Use the method of cutting the top of the nipple. By cutting the nipple’s height out and suturing back together. This method will cut the opening of the nipple therefore it is not recommended for those who want to have children in the future due to affecting lactation.

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In case of huge nipples

Use a method similar to cutting the cake and then suture both sides back together. This method is suitable for people with low and large nipple size.

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In case of too extended and huge nipples

Use the procedure remove the tip of the nipple in half and then suture them back. This will make the nipples smaller and shorter.

Nipple Reduction Surgery Procedures

Surgeons will perform nipple reduction surgery by administering a local anesthetic for the patient to not feel discomfort or pain during the procedure. The surgeon will provide a recommendation and select the surgical technique together with the patient prior to surgery, as well as agreeing on the size and proportion of the areola appropriate to the breasts to achieve the desired balanced and attractive breasts.

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