Volume V Line or Fat transfer breast augmentation can be a good choice if you desire a mild to moderate increase in breast size (½-to-1 cup size) and would like to avoid having implants.

volume V line
Fat Transfer

The Advantages of Volume V Line for Breast Augmentation

  • 100% natural. Only uses your body’s own tissues so the results look and feel very soft and natural.
  • Can dramatically reshape the entire body. In addition to augmented the breasts, fat transfer breast augmentation provides the second benefit of body contouring. The liposuction that is used to harvest fat can dramatically reshape the body. This means you can get a new figure with a flatter tummy, slimmer thighs, and/or a more sculpted waistline in addition to larger breasts.
  • Virtually scarless. Only tiny incisions are used through which fat is harvested and injected.
  • No Implants. Avoids the risks associated with implants such as implant malposition, rupture, and capsular contracture.

Pure Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat is extracted from your body (abdomen or thighs) through “ Vaser Liposuction” process. Extracted fat will undergo separation process and to select only healthy fat cells. This will give a better result than fat from other sources therefore it will not cause any allergic reaction, seeds, or calcium collection at the skin. The extract fat will then transfer to the breast where volume is needed.

Masterpiece Hospital uses innovative technology in every procedure and has teams of experienced surgeons with special expertise to make give the best result.

The success rate of perfect fat cell

Fat transfer will be performed by an experienced surgeon who can design the procedure to have longevity of fat and for the perfect breast shape.

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